Does Epic Games Big Exclusivity Poisoned Metro: Exodus & PC 39 Release?

Has Epic Games Store Exclusivity Poisoned Metro: Exodus’ PC Release?

On this episode we are talking about Metro: Exodus, the third game in the post-apocalyptic survival horror video game series. Game editor Rishi Alwani and friend of podcast Mikhail Madnani are in the host Pranay Parab. We start this episode by talking about games from the Metro series that begin with Metro: 2033. We're talking about what made the series popular and why people should worry about it. Then we talk about Metro: Last Light and what made that game special. Then we start talking about Metro: Exodus, where things get interesting. We are talking about publisher Deep Silver's decision to make Metro: Exodus exclusive to Epic Games Store, and how it has influenced the story of this game. We look at why there has been a negative reaction on the move and share our thoughts on whether this is justified. Then we begin to talk about our first impression of Metro: Exodus.

We played Metro: Exodus and came away impressed. We talk about the story first, where we discuss how it goes in relation to successors. Next, we talk about the role of the election election in Metro: Exodus. This is the part where we tell you that gung-ho and destruction of all enemies is not the best solution at all times. Then we talk about the levels and the pictures, followed by a discussion about the stealth mechanics of this game. Finally, we talk about the games we have played this week, with Chrono Trigger, Forza Horizon 4, OlliOlli 2, Devil May Cry 5 demo and more.

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