Meeting With Josh Epstein of Vision Music USA

Vision Music USA is a proactive and dynamic music administration firm with the enthusiasm of their customers the main impetus that makes them fruitful. President Josh Epstein and Chief Scratch Stamoulis are centered around helping the Autonomous specialists to keep up control of their profession by sparing them time and their well deserved dollars. Josh took some time from his bustling day to converse with me about their developing organization.

MuzikMan: How did you and Scratch meet? What intrigue and objectives did you share that united you? What are your experiences and what qualifies you to give these administrations to Autonomous craftsmen?

Josh: Scratch and I met in Boston. I was filling in as the Marketing expert at the Mother Kinfolk Music Lobby co-claimed by Aerosmith. Scratch and I care particularly about music and performers. Both Scratch and I have for a long while been itching to work in music. In particular, we need to take a shot at our own terms. Independently we have worked with individuals who care increasingly about cash at that point really helping specialists. We have seen dedicated artist’s be misdirected by controllers acting like genuine experts. We will likely claim and run an organization that is a genuine asset for autonomous artists. We both convey quite certain gifts to our organization. Vision Music USA is Scratch and Josh. A noteworthy essential to picking up work with Vision is to share our convictions as well as our hard working attitude.

What qualifies Scratch and I to help others with their vocations is our capacity to identify with the craftsman. We have both gone through quite a long while in the channels, like persevering artists. Scratch and I have worked in a few key parts of the music business (booking, radio, showcasing, craftsman improvement, advancements, the executives, and so forth). As the Exhibit Facilitator for the NEMO Music Feature and Meeting I assessed more than 2,000 groups and artists. I credit my ear for music and my eye for scrutinizing press units to that gathering. We worked with autonomous performers for some reasons. One, with our help they probably won’t be free for long. Two, we have for a long while been itching to give the assets free groups need to take their profession’s to the following dimension. This is what is so energizing. This is the thing that makes getting down to business a delight. It’s realizing that you are having a quick effect in somebody’s vocation.

MuzikMan: Where did you get the name Vision Music USA? To what extent have you been doing business and how does a craftsman realize that you are the genuine article and extremely a “No Horse crap Firm” that you maintain to be? Do you have real declaration from clients that underpins that announcement?

Josh: Vision is essentially the specialists claim vision. It is the place they see their vocation is going. This is all before we begin with them. When we begin with a craftsman we take their vision to the following dimension. Vision Music USA has been doing business for around two years. “No horse crap firm” is Scratch’s thought. It is extremely valid. It implies that we don’t give the craftsman nothing but nonsense. We know how significant their time is. We consider it to be a benefit to work with the general population we do. A craftsman sees this when the two proprietors of the organization are continually included or managing their venture. We are extremely glad for our tributes. At the point when our clients set aside the effort to express their satisfaction with our work it genuinely fills our heart with joy. The majority of our client tributes are on our site.

MuzikMan: What occurs if a specific craftsman isn’t happy with something you have done, what is your plan of action?

Josh: The client is in every case right. I discovered that at an early age from my dad who possessed a dress store. We make our customers feel like family. On the off chance that there is an issue with a part of an administration we do our best to pacify the circumstance. Scratch and I will dependably locate a friendly answer for the two gatherings.

MuzikMan: Would you say you are both accessible to speak with on the telephone or by email amid ordinary business hours? To what extent does it take you to react to a customers question?

Josh:e are extremely occupied. Be that as it may, we are truly available. Scratch and both give our email addresses out openly. On the off chance that we are occupied, our strategy is to restore all brings in 24 hours. Generally, the vast majority get in touch with us and our representatives by means of email.

MuzikMan: What influenced you to choose to take the risk, quit your day employments, and make this a full time gig? A great many people are not willing to take that risk, what makes you unique?

Josh: We both realized it was getting down to business. We have invested incalculable long periods of energy into Vision Music USA. We feel that we have a creative thought. We give administrations to the individuals who need it. Furthermore, our administrations are very savvy. This isn’t an easy money scam. Scratch and I are keen on making cash long haul while helping performer’s achieve their individual objectives.

MuzikMan: What can a craftsman hope to receive as an end-result of the majority of your administrations? What is the objective for every particular customer?

Josh: Most importantly, we are advisors. We must redo a customer’s administration to meet their requirements. With our help, the craftsman will have a far more prominent comprehension of where they stand and where they have to go. For example,if a craftsman buys a Press Unit Advancement bundle we totally scrutinize their unique work. After this investigate we give them the prescribe recommendations they need. We point the craftsman toward a path they are alright with. The objective is to bring them more acknowledgment and make the press unit increasingly powerful for the craftsman. Every customer’s objectives are surveyed on a tweaked premise. This is our theory.

MuzikMan: What would be an ideal next step?

Josh: We might want to keep up our development. We will grow more items and administrations for our clients. It is imperative to Vision Music USA to keep up and persistently create associations with different organizations. We have a couple of different thoughts yet that is another meeting.

MuzikMan: Do you both feel that in the long run marks won’t exist and all craftsmen will have unlimited oversight of their work in the parts of creation, dispersion and advancement? A great deal of that is occurring on the Web at the present time, do you believe it is ideal? Are there certain downsides to this extreme takeoff from the norm?

Josh: In the event that individuals can get things done alone that was never conceivable, at that point put it all on the line. Specialists ought to have more authority over their own work as a rule. I think the web is astonishing. Taking into account what I accomplish professionally. I feel there are also may specialists who don’t completely comprehend what a record bargain is. Such a large number of craftsmen think getting marked is the objective. I figure it ought to be the begin.

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